Turnbull government reshuffle: Barnaby Joyce denies Nationals cabinet axings were ‘payback’

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Dating old photos cabinet cards

Guide to Real Photo Postcards This guide is meant to aid the collector in identifying and dating real photo postcards, and to act as a reminder that it is impossible to do so with great accuracy. Although real photo postcards were made in a variety of ways, they hold one identifiable feature in common. The tonalities of photos are completely continuous to the eye producing true greys, for they are created by the reaction of individual photosensitive molecules to light rather than the transfer of ink from a plate.

In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys. Though most of us today are familiar with the concept of photo grain, this is mostly because we have experienced very large prints made from small 35mm negatives.

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Not all features are options are listed here; this is just a quick-reference guide. Solid State or Tube? Early Carvin amplifiers like all other amps of the era were tube-drive models, in combo configurations with 1, 2 or 4 speakers. These early models were designed for use with pretty much any electric instrument, and generally had multiple channels for instruments as well as microphones. Most of these amps used the standard 6L6’s and 12AX7’s, as well as a few others depending on the model.

From Carvin’s first amp in until , only tube models were offered. In , Carvin got swept up in the electronics revolution that had overtaken every electronics manufacturer around the globe. They only offered solid-state amps during the late 60’s, and it would be before the benefits of tube-drive amps were re-acknowledged. However, the VTR tube head would exist for one year only, and it would be before another tube amp would be offered. During this time, Carvin offered several amps, but were usually based on the same solid-state head.

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History[ edit ] A photograph of a wedding party probably from the late s to s. Note the black or dark-colored wedding dress, which was common during the early to mid th century. The carte de visite was displaced by the larger cabinet card in the s. In the early s, both types of photographs were essentially the same in process and design. However, later into its popularity, other types of papers began to replace the albumen process.

Dating vintage photographs by image format (in or on a cabinet). The wafer-thin photo layer was mounted on a piece of cardstock measuring /4″ x by /2″. Typically, some space was left at.

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. This series was born during a lunch in early , when we wondered what Hillary Clinton’s loss meant for women. Women are already breaking barriers in a man’s town, muscling their way into power and staying there. Their stories show there are Badass Women all around Washington. After all, she was George W. Bush’s labor secretary for two terms — the longest-serving member of his Cabinet and the first female Asian-American in any presidential cabinet in US history.

She is now President Donald Trump’s transportation secretary and one of four women in his Cabinet. But spending time with Chao in her office, I was immediately struck by something I did not expect — how candid she is about her vulnerabilities and anxiety, especially about when she was a young Chinese immigrant. Like, most Chinese don’t eat meat between breads,” she told me with a laugh. Eight-year-old Chao started her journey to America on an overnight train in Taiwan with her mother and two sisters in They then boarded a cargo ship to cross the Pacific Ocean to California before finally reaching their destination: Read More “As an adult looking back and seeing my mother who was only like 27, you know how frightening it must have been as the only woman aboard this cargo ship with three young girls?

I mean, that’s pretty rough,” she said. In our nearly hour-long interview, Chao opened up about her struggles to adapt to a new country, her rise to power and her regrets about sacrifices she made along the way.

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Most kitchen cabinet styles can be classified as either modern or traditional, with many subcategories to choose from. Below is a long list of kitchen cabinet styles currently in use, from Old World to modern, and everything in between. Keep in mind that many designers differ in these classifications, and many kitchens simply defy categorization.

Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle’s. Database with images of stamp boxes and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer of old Real Photo Postcards.

Beginning of modern portrait photography Cabinet Card was the Most Common Family Portrait The cabinet card was made by using the same steps for creating CDVs, still exhibiting the sepia look. However, the cabinet card’s image area was more than double the CDV. It was introduced in the late s in England, but did not gain much attention in the U. While it was a bigger image than the CDV, it did not offer much of a quality difference until the mid s.

That is when the effect of new photographic papers and camera improvements really became apparent. Many cabinet card photographs from the s and s are exquisite pieces of artwork, exhibiting technical excellence and wonderful composition. This new size and improved clarity and colors provided the perfect media to showcase the grand styles of the gay nineties.

Is My Image a Cabinet Card? These are just as easy to recognize as CDVs. Though examples from the late s show a wide variety of card stock, and some variation in sizes.

Darren Chester dropped, Barnaby Joyce set to become infrastructure minister in Cabinet reshuffle

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester has been dumped from Federal Cabinet in the ministerial reshuffle. Joyce to take over infrastructure, transport from Chester David Littleproud looks to be on the move, possibly straight into Cabinet as agriculture minister Reshuffle may be announced today And in a surprise move, Nationals backbencher David Littleproud looks set to go straight into Cabinet, potentially as agriculture minister. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will take over the infrastructure and transport portfolios when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces the changes.

Mr Joyce is Agriculture Minister but has been eyeing off the infrastructure job for months.

I like seeing old photos of my college boyfriend occasionally. They remind me of myself as a 22 year old girl, and besides, he was a nice guy even if he wasn’t ultimately for me. It’s pleasant.

Unearth your Jewish heritage. Knowing the type of photo can still leave a large time period, but if you know the subject of the photo, your genealogical research should be able to help you narrow that. When was the subject born? Did he live in a city or a small town? What work did he do? Both the men in my photo are young, but one appears to be older than the other, and he has arm slung around his younger brother’s shoulders.

Both are holding cigars. The elder is wearing a watch chain and a pinky ring.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

I decided to make do and repurpose what I have. I most often make my two glass baking dishes pictured above pull double-duty to hold leftovers. I also have a set of pyrex with two small containers that nest inside the larger dish photo below. If I really need extra containers, I reuse glass jars. I make soup once a week and then eat it for lunches all week long.

Gibson Tube Amp Specifications I would like to thank Björn Anger for permission to use the information contained here. Additional info & photos provided by Charles Kotlaris.

New Aussie flag unlikely New Aussie flag unlikely With debate continuing over whether the date of Australia Day should be changed, political leaders say changing the Aussie flag is not on the agenda. More videos It’s not payback: But the rapid promotion of Mr Littleproud and Mr McVeigh, who were both elected for the first time just 18 months ago, came at the expense of the now-former infrastructure minister Darren Chester and assistant minister for trade Keith Pitt.

The ministerial rearrangement has infuriated some Nationals MPs, who accused Mr Joyce of taking revenge on Mr Chester for supporting Bridget McKenzie in her successful bid to become the Nationals deputy leader. Andrew Meares Mr Joyce did back-to-back television interviews on Wednesday morning in an attempt to explain Mr Chester’s demotion. Advertisement Mr Joyce maintained selection for cabinet was made on the grounds of age and geographical representation. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. In any process, there is going to be people who are rightly upset. Senator McKenzie was entitled to her cabinet position when she became deputy leader.

Politico Photos

You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr. Back to albums list Carte de Visites and Cabinet Cards This set of carte de visites and cabinet cards are a small selection chosen from hundreds of examples held in the photography collection at George Eastman House. The carte de visite CDV —a paper photograph mounted on card stock measuring approximately 4 x 2.

Furniture – Dressers & Vanities – Antique American Child Doll Dresser Carved Dollhouse Playhouse Cabinet Jewelry 10 photo. Antique Hand – Painted Adam Style Bedroom Dresser Highboy Chest On Chest 1 photo. Gorgeous Birdseye Maple Serpentine Dresser & Mirror 12 photo.

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Fred Taylor May 26, In an effort to determine the range of the age of a piece of furniture, we have the beginnings of a built-in time line if the piece has drawers. The concept of the modern chest of drawers as we know it, a case containing a series of more or less matching drawers, became a reality in the latter part of the 17th century.

Of course single drawers and combinations of drawers were made earlier but appeared usually as an adjunct to the lift top or dower chest which was the most common chest type in the that century. The most common storage facility of the era was the cupboard or court cupboard consisting of open shelves below doors which concealed more shelves.

It is a five sided box that must fit perfectly within a case a six-sided box and be removable on demand without binding or breaking either the drawer or the case. To do so it must incorporate some type of suspension mechanism to allow it to travel in and out of the case. The search for the answer to this question is the basis of our built in time line. The joint is then nailed either through the front or through the side. In many cases the nails are installed in cut outs in the drawer side so they do not protrude above the surface and impede the travel of the drawer.

This is typical construction of the 16th and 17th centuries, including Pilgrim drawers. However, this joint had two historical problems. Early dovetail construction sometimes featured only one pin and it was often nailed in place. Early Colonial 18th century dovetail joints featured three or four stubby dovetails and they were glued, not nailed.

12 Cool Trends That Will Hit Your Kitchen in 2018

Unfortunately, we are not experts, but we always turn to a wonderful book by someone who is for our information. Joan Van Patten has written many books on collecting antique Nippon porcelain, and she has compiled known dates for certain backstamps. We are sharing a small list here with pictures of the ones we have come across in our Nippon journeys.

We hope this helps those out there looking for this information quickly. We cannot stress enough that this is NOT a complete list.

Turn your kitchen into a photo album by displaying your favorite photos. Affix a picture frame to the door, add a photo, and finish with a new knob. Add texture to your kitchen cabinets with fabric. Use a jigsaw to cut out the door center, then use a router to create a little ledge to hold the fabric.

Clocks on this page are not for sale. Clock, movement, and stamp. Note the countwheel strike has a slot for hours and half-hours. A total of three different embossed patterns were offered as part of the Camden series. All were 8-day in oak cases with alarms as an extra cost option. The New Haven Clock Company traces its roots back to the first brass clocks and was founded in as a result of the business failures of Chauncey Jerome. Clock uses a single-ended 6 key.

New Haven Black Mantle clock, circa This is a very nice original condition clock also made by New Haven Clock Co, and thus bears some similarities to the clock pictured above. However, like most mantle clocks, this one features regulation from the front, and short pendulum mounted to the back of the movement. An additional interesting feature of this clock is a fiber fly pinion in the strike train to make it more quite.

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