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Category Battery FAQs Exit signs and emergency lighting are required in all public spaces, businesses, airplanes, boats and ships. Exit signs are used to designate the closest escape route in case of fire or emergency and require a properly maintained exit sign battery to illuminate the path of egress during a power outage. Emergency lighting fixtures allow for back lighting during emergencies or power outages and also require a properly operating back-up emergency light battery.

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For sign hangers that put place markers, brand messages and directions a head above the rest, our Ceiling Sign Mounting Hardware is a good place to begin. A ceiling sign is popular in commercial applications where posting overhead is preferable, particularly for directional markers and when other mounting options are obstructive to the flow of a space. This category of sign mounting hardware includes cohesive direct mount systems in addition to individual pieces of ceiling sign hardware.

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could be mistaken for an exit “Not an Exit” or with a sign identifying its use (such as “Closet”). • Install “EXIT” signs in plainly legible letters.

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Both exit signs and emergency lighting are required by law in public and private facilities across the nation—making it very important you understand relevant codes, requirements, and regulations. Exit signs and emergency lighting are crucial components of any evacuation plan and a necessary link to safe escape when danger strikes. For more information, call State Systems at or keep reading to learn more.

What Are Exit Sign Requirements? Required exit signs must be suitably illuminated by a reliable light source and be visible in both normal and emergency lighting modes.

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