Carbon dating confirms Keezhadi site is from Sangam era

Caliphaters are defined by their millennial goal—world conquest—and the apocalyptic timetable—in this generation; they operate on two major registers: Among the currently active apocalyptic movements worldwide, none has had the success of Caliphaters in promoting their rhetoric and mobilizing action in pursuit of their millennial goal: Indeed, one finds among the faithful of all monotheistic traditions those who believe that the ultimate salvific destiny of humanity is either to convert to their religion whatever that means or to serve their superior religion. As long as the faithful believe that those dramatic moments are far off say, the year Annus Mundi , such beliefs have a limited impact on the lives of non-believers. In practice, it can even encourage deep passivity in believers who patiently await a promised redemption. He thus set in motion a multi-generational millennial project of first restoring Dar al-Islam where it once was, and then moving onto the Dar al-Harb. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood preacher turned the mujaddid of into a generations-long process. It must pass away to make way for the coming redeemed world. Among their apocalyptic signs of growing corruption and evil are key Western cultural tendencies and values: The vaguer, the more people can be drawn into the apocalyptic excitement.

British jihadi bride ‘can’t help but love’ her Isis ex-husband

Facebook A former Isis bride says she still has feelings for her terror chief ex, despite turning her back on the group. If you catch these Tubes you’re at risk of going deaf She met her husband John Georgelas through a Muslim dating website and married in October She told The Atlantic: She still admits feelings towards her former husband, who she has now divorced.

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Sun, 07 Oct The news broke as Kurdish officials in northern Syria are seeking to kick out hundreds of foreign terrorists captured in liberated regions of the country. Jack Letts, a suspected Daesh fighter with dual British-Canadian citizenship, is likely to be extradited to Ottawa rather than to London, The Guardian reported on Saturday, citing unnamed Canadian and Kurdish sources. Letts, dubbed “Jihadi Jack” by the British media, is among alleged extremists held in Kurdish custody in northern Syria.

Canadian government is said to have agreed to extradite an estimated 11 citizens, including Letts. That should be ‘accept extradition’ of 11 citizens. Unlike the UK, which maintains that it cannot provide consular assistance to British citizens overseas if there are no local UK consular services available, Canada says that citizens with purported terrorist links detained in Syria and Iraq have the right to return home to face questioning or stand trial.

However, the daily claims, Ottawa has recently backed out of the deal “without giving reasons. There is still uncertainty hanging over his activities in Syria: Letts contacted Canadian diplomats from prison earlier this year and begged for their help to escape alleged ill-treatment by the SDF.

Malian jihadi to plead guilty in ICC cultural destruction trial

Sky News has found his name scrawled on a wall of a prison in the recently liberated town of Raqqa, the one-time headquarters of IS. Abu Sa’eed left for Syria in and is on a UN sanctions list. He was prolific online and regularly posted videos and blogs from Syria denouncing the West and glorifying IS. But there were clearly tensions within his life with the militants.

Jul 15,  · Love-Jihad: from a Muslim boy’s perspective ReaLHistoryindia Religion: Islam, Social Issues July 15, October 1, 3 Minutes India is .

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Former British Isis jihadi claims racism while growing up in London fuelled her radicalisation

The London-born former gangster was named by ITV News in February as one of the “Beatles” – who held foreigners hostage in Syria before killing them on film. Turkish officials have never released details of the charges against Davis and his alleged accomplices, and their trial is due to start in secret next month. IS executioner ‘Jihadi John’ was killed in Syria in

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Carbon dating confirms Keezhadi site is from Sangam era

Her toyboy husband Junaid Hussain, the leader of the Islamic State’s “digi-jihad” hacking brigade, was killed in a drone strike in at the age of Jones, 50, who went by the name Umm Hussain al-Britani, issued a series of chilling threats against the UK last year, urging Muslim women to launch terrorist attacks during Ramadan.

Jones is reported to have died close to the border between Iraq and Syria Image:

Young-adult fiction, whether in the form of novels or short stories, has distinct attributes that distinguish it from the other age categories of fiction. The vast majority of YA stories portray an adolescent as the protagonist, rather than an adult or a child.

Syrian Arab Republic Up to 40 Australian women are known to have taken part in or supported terrorist activity in Syria, Iraq and Australia, including so-called “jihadi brides”, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says. Ms Bishop confirmed the figure in Parliament while pointing to an “increasing number of young females” joining Islamic State, despite them being used as sexual slaves and in some cases as suicide bombers. She said women now account for nearly one-fifth of all foreign fighters, with over believed to have come from western countries.

Amira Karroum travelled to Syria to join her husband Tyler Casey on the frontline, but was executed in Aleppo. The Government last year introduced a raft of legislation aimed at stopping would-be jihadists from travelling to the Middle East, including the Foreign Fighters Bill, which made it illegal to travel to areas declared as terrorist zones without a specific humanitarian or family purpose.

Australians found to be illegally visiting the region could face up to 10 years in prison. Ms Bishop used provisions under the bill to declare it an offence for Australians to visit the Al-Raqqa province in Syria without a legitimate reason. This article includes interactive enhancements which are not supported on this platform. For the full interactive experience in this article, you will need a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled.

ISIS are using DATING WEBSITES to lure jihadi brides to Iraq and Syria

She can’t hide anymore. Twitter 11k She was supposed to be a Russian bot. That seemed like the best explanation for AmyMek.

Jihad has both an external and an internal aspect. The external jihad is physical combat against real enemies. The internal or “greater” jihad is a struggle against the self in which one suppresses one’s base desires and then, perhaps, rises to contemplation of higher truth.

Add as an interest to stay up to date on the latest news, video, and analysis from ABC News. He is believed to be a Kuwait -born British man. He attended college in London and his family lives there now. He is thought to have fled to Syria in He allegedly killed at least seven foreign captives on video. The terrorist’s identity was first reported by the BBC and The Washington Post , which cited a friend who had “no doubt” that Emwazi was the masked man believed to be seen in at least seven ISIS beheading videos.

Emwazi was was born in , making him 26 or 27 years old, the BBC reported. An activist group he communicated with before allegedly going to Syria said that Emwazi was born in Kuwait but moved to England when he was 6 years old. The neighborhood is considered to be working class. CAGE describes itself as an “advocacy organisation” that regularly works on behalf of Guantanamo Bay detainees and Muslims who have been detained for terrorism.

Their employee, Asim Qureshi, spoke today about how he communicated with Emwazi repeatedly between and , when he is believed to have gone to Syria. He said he cannot confirm that the man in the “Jihadi John” video is Emwazi because his face is covered, but added that the personality is very different from the one he knew in London.

He described Emwazi as kind, gentle and soft spoken.

Google will not bar search links to jihadi imam’s hate

If you are easily offended you shouldn’t be reading my blog in the first place. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat? How do Muslims practice safe sex?

UK: , Muslims sign up for polygamous dating site has been published on Jihad Watch.

Search research, experts, topics, or events Open search New recruits training under the authority of Abdul Rehman, allegedly part of the Lashkar-e-Taiba Islamist militant group, Mattani, Pakistan, December 22, As has been the case in other regions where radical Islamists have congregated including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria , jihadi recruitment in the region covering Pakistan, India and Bangladesh is aided by competing claims of divine support.

Radical Islamists invoke the Hadith the oral traditions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad to prophesize a great battle in India between true believers and unbelievers before the end-times. These references in the Hadith to the Ghazwa-e-Hind Battle of India infuse South Asia with importance as a battleground in the efforts to create an Islamic caliphate resembling the social order that existed at the time of the Prophet Muhammad and the Rightly Guided Caliphs AD. The South Asian region has a long history with jihadi movements, dating back to the eighteenth century.

During the s, it became the staging ground for global jihad as part of the internationally-backed guerilla war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. At the time, radical Islamists poured into Afghanistan through Pakistan and received advanced military training to fight the Soviets. Later, many returned to their home countries to conduct terrorist attacks.

Yusra Hussein may have been lured to Syria by Jihad Matchmaker DATING site

The fight against Isis is far from over — but they have lost face In an interview with The Atlantic from her current home in Texas, she said she was radicalised after her British Bangladeshi family were targeted by racists. Their links to extremism were well-known by authorities, who jailed Georgelas in for providing IT assistance for a jihadi website and expressing his desire to support al-Qaeda online. He was later freed and after moving between several towns in the UK and America, the family relocated to Egypt and socialised with a burgeoning circle of jihadis.

He moved his family to the Syrian town of Azaz in but Ms Georgelas said she fled after she and her three children fell severely ill.

‘TREATED LIKE ANIMALS’ ISIS sex slave reveals harrowing details of abuse suffered at hands of jihadi thugs as women screamed and vomited in terror.

Share this article Share ‘She puts down her age, her name, what her personality is like, and what she looks for in a man. And men also post their CVs,’ she said. If they both agree then they get married. Having fled, she now dreams of her old life in France and admitted she ‘loved jeans and make up’. Others have told of a woman who married and was divorced at least six times before a jihadi court threatened to whip her. Ex-wives and widows of extremists told how they paid smugglers to help them flee from once the terror group started to lose territory in Iraq and Syria file picture Three Indonesian sisters Rahma, Fina, and Noor, who did not end up marrying jihadists, said they saw fighting in all-female accommodation.

They had paid large amounts to travel to the ISIS-held city in the hope of marrying men who were ‘pure Muslims’ and taking advantage of free healthcare and education. But Rahma said of the male extremists they met: The Syrian English teacher, from Homs, was already a widow after her first husband was shot by a sniper.

But she said her new husband has ended up in jail in the town of Kobani – and is fearful she will not see him again. Because I can’t kill myself, because this is suicide. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighting is concentrated in the south-western neighbourhood of Yarmouk and the Old City. The SDF said intense fighting is under way in central Raqqa, adding that its fighters have taken positions near a centuries-old mosque.

Officials Investigating Anti-US Facebook Rant Believed Linked to OSU Attacker

So who are these women so eager to join the militant group? Tania Georgelas, 33, has spoken to The Atlantic about her dream for her children to become terrorists and the separation from her jihadi husband John Georgelas. Tania Georgelas is seen with her three of her four children.

D angerous Muslim extremists have been locked up in Britain’s first “jihadi jail” to stop them brainwashing other inmates.

Hospitality services generally connect users via the internet and are examples of collaborative consumption and sharing. In cases where lodging is offered gratis, they are examples of a barter economy or gift economy. A hospitality service may collect commissions on each homestay, charge a membership fee, or be completely free. In , Bob Luitweiler founded Pack Lacoste Trunks Multicoloured 3 multicoloured Men’s qUUOEw6rF , the first hospitality service, as a volunteer-run international nonprofit organization advocating interracial and international peace.

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